Organic City Project : Moving into a Culture of Sustainability
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The OrganiCity project is a proactive manifestation of the converging fields of urbanism and ecology. At a time when humanity is shifting from a predominately rural mode of living to an urban one, a new consciousness is emerging which recognizes that humans are not separated from nature, but rather our creativity and invention are also products of the Earth. In many ways however, this technosphere we have created is not symbiotically integrated within the ecosystems our settlements inhabit. It is for this reason that social and environmental pollution are diminishing the quality of life for all creatures.

This website is an exploration into the various ways in which the urban lifestyle can become more sustainable, relying on its internal energy flows, rather than external dependencies.   Not only is our intention to document various acts of urban social and environmental sustainability, but this website is meant as a resource to empower our urban communities into action and invention.


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